Justice for Ali

Ali was found "down" on a property where four other horses were also dead due to starvation. Despite incredible effort to save him, he did not have the strength to survive and his suffering ended on 1/24/13. WE will not forget.
To share the message about Ali's life and death in hopes no other animals will suffer as Ali did.
Ali, two other horses, two sheep and a ram along with a yellow lab were surrendered to Pennies-4-Paws Inc. This was following a call P4P's founder received on 1/17 about Ali (and the other animals') owner neglecting their animals. The Dodge County (WI) Sheriff's Department was contacted and found two dead horses and a third horse down (it was actually trapped and could not move). A veterinarian and vet tech examined the horse while in the presence of the sheriff's department and determined the horse needed to be euthanized.

There were also three other horses, up to 20 cats and kittens, chickens, and up to four other dogs on the property. Per the property owner, the tenant's lease stated animals were not allowed on the property. P4P contacted the owner and offered assistance to feed the remaining animals. Assistance was accepted and supplies including hay, feed/grain, shavings, dewormer and three horse blankets were delivered to the property on Friday morning.

Hay was also delivered on Saturday and it was found that the supplies that had been dropped off the day earlier were still there where they had been dropped off. Only the hay had been removed. The next day, some of the supplies were gone, but not all of them. The following day (Monday 1/21), all of the supplies had been removed from where they were dropped off. Temperatures reached subzero, not including wind chills throughout this period of time.

On Friday 1/18, the owner contacted P4P’s founder and agreed to surrender the yellow lab. He indicated, at that time, that he had 11 kittens (two separate litters between the ages of 2 and 6 months) as well as several adult cats who were not spayed/neutered. He also had other dogs on the property. When offered to provide food for these animals, to take them in to rescue or at least have the adult cats spayed/neutered, the offer was declined. The owner stated that his children had grown attached to the kittens and they would be keeping them.

Later that night, the owner contacted the treating vet to report another horse down, Ali. The owner did not want the horse euthanized and asked that blood be drawn. He was given instructions on how to care for the horse. The owner was given instructions to feed the horses as they all appeared malnourished.

On Saturday 1/19, the yellow lab (Teddy) was taken to the veterinarian for an exam and to be checked for worms and it was determined he was approximately 18 or more pounds underweight at that time. It was noted his paws were stained up about 2-3” from mud/feces. The veterinarian’s office reported his stall was filled with feces and there was no where for him to stand within the stall where there was no feces present. He was cleared to go to rescue and he was then taken to a no kill shelter in Merrill, WI to be placed for adoption.

On Monday 1/21, P4Ps founder was contacted by the Sheriff’s department and told that the owner agreed to surrender three horses, the ram and two sheep. A crew was put together and that evening, the animals were removed from the property and taken to foster care. Ali had to be removed by being placed on a tarp and dragged to the trailer and then to the foster's barn. During the subsequent days of subzero temperatures, volunteers worked day and night to feed, move, and care for him. He was not able to walk. It was felt that a sling could potentially be used to get him off the ground. Ali was placed in a sling on 1/23/13. It was felt at this time, a miracle would be needed for him to survive. Volunteers stayed with him 24/7. On 1/24, it was decided that he would be unable to use his legs to support his body. He had been down too long. He was euthanized that morning surrounded by people who loved and cared for him.

That same day, his Facebook page was created. It is also the day that the justice for Ali began. Welcome. Thank you for being here and for caring about Ali.

These are some of the photos taken during his rescue and care following his rescue. 
There were so many expenses related to the rescue and care of the animals and without immediate support, which we were able to get through emergency fundraising, they would not have had a chance. 

Your donations will be used to help fund other equine/farm animal emergencies so they do not suffer the same fate as Ali did on that cold day in January. 

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