The "Lady" Fund

In fall of 2010, we learned about a sweet little lab named Lady who was available for adoption at a local shelter.  We were told that she had a pretty significant limp and was estimated to be about 8 years old.  Because she was "flawed", most people would have looked the other way.  Flawed dogs are our FAVORITE. 

We were approved for adoption but she had to be spayed before we brought her home.  When we called to check on her after the surgery, we learned that she had actually died during surgery....twice. 

The vet performing her surgery stated that when they opened her up, they saw that several of her abdominal organs were actually within her chest cavity and had fused there.  It was the vet's opinion that she had probably been an unrestrained passenger in a vehicle and suffered significant injury.  Whether her owner simply didn't take her to the vet or whether she'd been running for a long time and had never received medical care after the accident will never be known.  She was not claimed at the shelter. 

Lady must have known there was someone waiting to bring her home.  She was brought back to life and found her way into our hearts instantly upon seeing her after her surgery.  She is the sweetest, most loving dog.  She is our little angel and we are so grateful she lived. 

There is a chance that her former owner simply opened their car or house door and let her go - hoping someone would find her and care for her because they couldn't afford her medical care.  It was recommended that she not undergo surgery for her leg that had apparently been broken and had healed (not well, thus the limp) and we respect the doctor's professional opinion that she should not undergo another surgery. 

We don't want an animal to be euthanized because they're flawed and may come with medical baggage.  We created a way to help defray these expenses and named it after our sweet girl, Lady. 

Our dear sweet Lady lost her battle with an aggressive cancer in her leg on 11/23/14.  We will miss her forever.  Rest in peace, Ladybird.  xoxo
Mom, Dad and your furbaby siblings.
Pennies-4-Paws will make periodic donations, as funds allow, to shelters or rescues who have taken in animals with urgent medical needs.  An example is Miles.

Pennies-4-Paws learned about Miles (he was found shot and needing amputation) and we immediately began raising funds for his surgery.  He is now living happily ever after in the Sturgeon Bay, WI area. 
Lady and
Lady with Pico